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Monitor key air pollutants

With IQAir’s smart connected air quality monitors, AirVisual Pro


Control your air quality

Remotely, from a single web and mobile dashboard


Achieve optimal air

With air pollution alerts and smart integration with your building automation system (BAS)


Build trust and satisfaction

Showcasing your excellent air quality to employees and customers

Healthy air quality changes everything


Combat short-term fatigue, headaches, irritation and discomfort, and protect against long-term health impacts caused by air pollution. AirVisual Enterprise ensures that air quality hazards are quickly identified and acted on.


Poor ventilation (high CO2 levels) is shown to impair cognitive capacities & decision-making, and can cause headaches and fatigue. Ensure indoor air is fresh and oxygen rich, to boost occupants' productivity and focus.

Social responsibility

Access to safe air quality is a basic human need. Ensure those under your care have access to clean air and feel confident in a healthy environment. Clean air improves employee contentment and your reputation.

Building certification

Boost your building value with certified status. AirVisual Enterprise’s specifications will support you to attain LEED & WELL building certification, to demonstrate your commitment to sustainability and resource-efficiency.

Cost savings

Simplified air pollution monitoring system to save human resources and optimize your building’s system. Streamline air management into one simple platform, to save human resources and ensure that your HVAC systems and filters are being used efficiently in the right places.

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Monitor key pollutants in real-time

  • Air quality index (AQI)
  • PM2.5
  • CO2
  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Indoor & Outdoor comparison
Centralized data platform

Centralize your air quality data

Clearly view your air quality status with real-time web dashboard and live maps, easily manage air quality across different locations with remote control, andcontrol multiple account.

Advices to achieve optimal air

Achieve optimal air quality

Smart AI-driven air pollution alerts and recommendations help you improve your air quality.

Link to download AirVisual app on App StoreLink to download AirVisual app on Google PlayLink to download AirVisual app on Android
Charts to analyze air, certifications

Analyze your air, get certified

Use air quality reports to resolve air quality issues and achieve healthy air standards required for LEED and WELL certifications.

Air filtration system

Automate your building air quality management

Seamlessly integrate with HVAC or HEPA air filtration systems with to our API and IFTTT support.

Utilize IQAir’s CleanZone SL purifier with AirVisual Pro for automated filtration –without a Wi-Fi connection.

Integration with IQAir's CleanZone SL
Digital signageDigital signageWebsite widgetAir pollution appWeChat

Build trust

AirVisual Enterprise provides turnkey data display for digital signage, websites, or apps.


Complete air quality monitoring solution

Powerful, easy to install, easy to use, and easy to maintain.

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Real-time AQI, PM2.5, CO2, Temp., Humidity

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Data security

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Health recommendations

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Indoor/Outdoor comparison

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Long-range Wi-Fi

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Widgets and digital signage

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Air quality analytics

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Devices auto-reboot

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Integration with AirVisual App

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Hassle-free hardware

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IFTTT support for building automation

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Indoor / Outdoor air quality map view

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Data validation using artificial intelligence

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API access

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Air quality data export

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Web and mobile dashboards

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Smart control of HVAC & filtration system

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Automated air quality reports

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Air monitor remote control

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Integrated CleanZone SL purifier

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Team permissions management

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Pollution alerts

Air quality is our expertise

Our solutions are highly customizable for your needs.

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50+ years experience developing innovative air quality solutions

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Swiss design with top quality components

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Tailored air solutions for your environment

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Premium customer support to ensure your projects maximize benefit and achieve your goals


Find the solution that fits your needs

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