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I hope that by sharing my vulnerabilities and tools that I have found can help others cope better living in a dirty world. I was born premature with bronchitis and pneumonia which left me with lifelong asthma. Severe allergic reactions such as anaphylaxis and full body hives for days from smelling or touching dustmites, banana, latex, walnuts, peach, plum, nectarine, avocado, birch, grasses, tobacco, Car Air Freshener Trees give me a sharp long lasting migraine for a day from short exposure. Asthma issues stem from all smoke, vape, parfum and perfume, synthetic scents, laundry detergents aerosols, and especially oils in the air. I don't eat dairy from cow, red meats, processed foods, wheat, eggs, excess sugar, and caffeine- except from green tea. They increase inflammation (pain), mucus production (phlegm), and create digestive issues where my body tells me I feel better without them. I become immunocompromised and tend to get sick (bronchitis) at the end of a dry summer and winter when there is increased pollution. Yellow air creates more issues the longer I'm exposed. It starts with a tight chest, stabbing sharp lung pain, feeling like heavy weights are on my chest and back crushing my lungs, nebulizer treatments help clean and relax my lungs, hot caffeinated coffee open up bronchial tubes, rescue inhaler helps okay but makes me more shaky, a thick cotton scarf over my nose and mouth with a n95 mask, HEPA filters and hyperHEPA filters, BOOST oxygen cans, yellow air I can be out with a HEPA mask not moving much with other aids, orange red purple I'll be stuck indoors with hepa filters and the closed windows and doors with plastic taped over them.

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