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Solutions for Sick Building Syndrome

The range of solutions for Sick Building Syndrome usually involve implementation of a combination of three strategies: source control, increased ventilation and air cleaning. Hiring an experienced Certified Indoor Environmentalist to assess the indoor air quality of the building will help diagnose if there are contaminants and where. Then, it’s time to take action.

Three strategies for improving air quality

There are three basic strategies for improving the indoor air quality in any building or dwelling: Source Control, Increased Ventilation and Air Cleaning.

1. Source Control: The most efficient and cost-effective way to improve indoor air quality is usually to eliminate individual sources of pollution or to reduce their emissions. This could involve, but is not by no means limited to, routine maintenance of the HVAC system, replacing water-damaged ceiling tiles, and keeping paints, solvents and other chemicals in well-ventilated areas.

2. Increased Ventilation: Another effective way to lower the concentrations of indoor air pollutants in a building is to increase the amount of outdoor air coming indoors. Check the ventilation system to ensure everything is operating as it was designed. HVAC systems should meet local building codes and be tuned to meet ASHRAE Standard 62-1989. This specifies performance standards for air change rates and ventilation. Increased ventilation can help dilute pollutants from specific areas of the building, such as rest rooms, printing areas and copy rooms.

3. Air Cleaning: Air cleaning can be an invaluable tool for improving indoor air quality, especially when used along with source control and increased ventilation. Air cleaning can help control the levels of airborne particles, reducing contaminants. Air cleaning can also reduce the levels of gases, odors and chemicals in a building if equipped with special gas-phase filtration.

IQAir’s Service and Expertise

IQAir’s experts are experienced indoor air quality professionals who have one simple goal in mind: to solve air quality concerns. They are trained to look at every aspect of poor air quality, including sources of contaminants, the role of outdoor air, indoor airflow patterns and how to properly apply the right air filtration technology. An IQAir Applications Engineer can help find the best air cleaning solution – or combination of solutions – for any building. IQAir provides turnkey air quality solutions.

No other company has more expertise in helping protect and improve air quality in offices. To learn more, or to discuss air quality concerns with an IQAir air quality expert, contact the IQAir Commercial Solutions team today at or call 866-260-9919.

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