ParticleScan® Lite


IQAir Laser Particle Counter

IQAir ParticleScan instrument features advanced laser technology. It is indispensable for air-quality diagnostics, cleanroom monitoring and sales demonstrations.

ParticleScan® Lite

Simple ON/OFF operation. Ideal for efficiency demonstrations of air cleaners, air filters, and vacuum cleaners.


The ParticleScan Lite features low cost and high sensitivity, making it a powerful tool for sales professionals, service technicians or others who conduct air filtration efficiency demonstrations.

With a detection range down to 0.3 microns, the ParticleScan Lite provides exceptional value. It is designed for the detection of airborne particle concentrations in normal and polluted indoor environments. The ParticleScan Lite is ideal for demonstrating the efficiency of air cleaners, air filters, and vacuum cleaners.


The ParticleScan Lite is a powerful, yet affordable, IAQ tool that supports simple and accurate air quality testing. The simple controls make it perfect for sales and service professionals.

The ParticleScan Pro is ideal for particle source investigations and for evaluating air-cleaning performance.

Monitor indoor and outdoor particle concentrations
The ParticleScan Pro features a substantially slower airflow rate than conventional particle scanners, allowing greater accuracy in typical indoor and outdoor environments. 

Automated logging of particle concentrations
The USB interface of the ParticleScan Pro makes it easy to download and log data so you can focus on tracking and evaluating air quality problems.

Track particulate pollution sources
The ParticleScan Pro automatically refreshes data readings every six seconds, allowing you to monitor particle concentration changes as they occur and where they occur.

Spot-check particulate pollution levels at the workplace
The ParticleScan Pro is completely portable, and operates for up to 4 hours from its continuously rechargeable NiMH battery pack. The scanner and accessories fit in a polypropylene carrying case for superior protection in the field.

Show efficiency of air filters, air cleaners, and vacuum cleaners
The ParticleScan Pro is handheld and includes an isokinetic probe that makes it easy to take readings at the air intake and air outlet of a filtration system.

Inspect HVAC equipment and ducting
This system is ideal for evaluating installed filtration efficiency and pinpointing efficiencies at specific particle-size levels. The ParticleScan Pro also helps demonstrate the need for duct cleaning and to certify your work.

Included USB cable for data logging and transfer makes it easy to maintain accurate data for research in the lab or in the field.

Product evaluation & demonstration
The ParticleScan Pro is highly sensitive and can categorize particles into six groups at the same time, allowing air quality professionals to focus on particle sizes of most interest for evaluations and demonstrations.

Monitor long-term particle trends
The ParticleScan Pro is portable and accurate, making it easy to log data in multiple locations over time for meaningful trend analyses.