Clean Air for Kids

Children in classroom

We help kids breathe clean air

Clean Air for Kids, an initiative of the IQAir Foundation, helps bring healthy air to classrooms wherever needed. Our specific goal is to bring air filtration to at least 50,000 additional schoolchildren every year, supporting the IQAir Foundation goal of providing clean air to more than 1 million children.

Clean air is essential for healthy lungs and normal lung development. This is especially true for children, whose lungs are still developing. One leading study found that children exposed to high levels of air pollution are five times more likely to have impaired lung function by age 18. Also, children who live in the most vulnerable communities – those that are most affected by air pollution and environmental toxins – suffer from respiratory illnesses at a much higher rate than others.

That’s why Clean Air for Kids battles for environmental justice by working with schools, community groups and allied organizations to provide air cleaning technology to those in need, especially in disadvantaged and underserved communities.