Develop innovations at Lake Constance

that improve the air quality in Shanghai.

Develop innovations at Lake Constance

that improve the air quality in Beijing.


The cleanest air in the world – at your workplace 

For over 50 years, IQAir has pursued a vision of better air quality through its cutting-edge air quality data and technology solutions. As a Swiss-based, family-owned business, IQAir seeks to empower our people to develop innovative products that help achieve our global mission of ensuring that every person in the world breathes cleaner air. 

IQAir is an air quality technology company, providing data and air cleaning technology solutions in China. IQAir offices in China are also crucial to the planning, execution, and implementation of many global strategic initiatives that drive both our digital and physical platforms, helping support global efforts to elevate the importance of air quality around the world.


Voices of our people

Frank Hammes

CEO of IQAir

“Air is life. We need a strong team to enable as many people
on this earth as possible to breathe healthy air.”

Roland Bart

Supply Chain Manager (Since 2011)

“IQAir empowers me to help make crucial decisions.”

Ueli Bichsel

Software Engineer (Since 2008)

“IQAir empowers me to help make crucial decisions.”

Saban Dzinic

Operator (Since 2016)

“IQAir empowers me by recognizing and developing my potential.”

Nicole Halter

HR Assistant (Since 2017)

“IQAir empowers me to help determine our team culture.”

Almira Zecic

Quality Controller (Since 2002)

“IQAir empowers me to be who I am as well as offer forth
and develop my strengths in quality assurance.”




Company insights

Air quality experts

With air purification expertise and a passion for excellence, our sales consultants and service experts provide air quality consulting, air purification products, and big data solutions to commercial customers, individual consumers, government agencies, and educational institutions to help customers, enterprises, and institutions continue to improve indoor air quality and enjoy a healthy life every day.


In China’s innovative and dynamic e-commerce market, IQAir has established an agile e-commerce department to provide professional air purification products to customers in every Chinese city through popular e-commerce platforms. The IQAir business team works closely with the e-commerce team across these platforms, while the operations team coordinates internal and external resources to serve customers 365 days a year. The IQAir digital commerce team closely examines digital technology trends to best increase brand awareness and support the rapid growth of IQAir’s critical e-commerce business in China.


Our marketing department supports corporate sales, e-commerce, retail, and partner omni-channel business teams, collecting market, industry, and competitor data, researching user behavior, positioning our products and services to specifically targeted customers, planning product development, and conducting brand communication through both digital and traditional media. The marketing teams also communicate with teams across IQAir’s global enterprise.


The operations team provides support for the sales and marketing priorities of IQAir China as well as comprehensive operational support of people, properties, and materials to support company business success. The order team supports commercial processes across various business channels, while the SCM department is responsible for product procurement and logistics. Information technology and systems teams provide the software, hardware, and network infrastructure needed for internal ERP & CRM systems necessary to ensure reliable company information flow. The finance team plans and operates cash and other financial resources, records, and analyses of business operations, while the HR team hires, builds, and maintains a high-quality, talented international team.

Air quality monitoring

The IQAir air quality monitoring team comprises international team members from many countries who work closely with colleagues across the IQAir organization, including Switzerland and the United States of America. This team not only customize monitoring data and big data services to the United Nations Environment Programme, Fortune 500 companies, medical institutions, and educational institutions but also provide indoor and outdoor air quality monitoring to individual consumers and small community groups. The IQAir AirVisual app ranks as one of the most downloaded apps in the world for air quality in both Apple and Android application markets.