IQAir Mask


Face pollution head-on

All-day KN95 air pollution protection from
the Swiss Air Quality Experts
as low as ¥139 for 3 pack 

Microscopic image of particles on what appears to be a strand of human hair.

Proven protection against ultrafine particles

Ultrafine particles are smaller than 0.1 microns, make up about 90% of all airborne particles, and have been linked to heart attacks, strokes, asthma, and even cancer. IQAir Mask filtration is proven and certified to filter at least 95% of the most penetrating particles – even the smallest particles – according to KN95/N95 standards.

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Close-up of IQAir Mask, good for particulate pollution protection.

Sealed. Stylish. Smart.

IQAir Mask uses KN95 respiration technology to filter PM2.5, ultrafine particles (UFPs), and other common particulate pollutants in smoke, smog, and pollen from the air you’re breathing. SoftSeal air leakage protection, multi-layer HyperHEPA filter media for particles of all sizes, and a one-way FeatherValve to allow CO2 and moisture to escape when you exhale and keep particulates out when you inhale.

Man wearing an IQAir Mask and looking rather pleased with it.

Just breathe…and look good doing it

Air clogged with pollutants? Take a deep breath—you’ll feel the difference when you inhale fresh, purified air anywhere through a mask designed to comfortably fit on any face with 3D Filter Dome technology and blend in with any look without messing up your hairstyle or leaving uncomfortable pressure marks on your face with an adjustable, specially designed QuickStrap design.

Close-up of an IQAir Mask on someone's face, with a nice glowy filter applied to the image.

All-day protection

IQAir Mask is proven to filter particles the same size as the flu virus as well as other harmful airborne viruses and bacteria. With IQAir Mask, you’re shielding your body from systemic pollution harm.


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